The PassFort story

Donald Gillies and Henry Irish met on a programme organised by Entrepreneur First (EF), Europe’s leading pre-seed technology investor.

A conversation about anonymity in blockchain over a cup of coffee turned into a discussion about the commercial applications for this technology in the compliance space.

They had a vision to change the way compliance and trust are managed in regulated markets.
Seed investment was raised from Episode 1, EF and leading angel investors and in April 2015, PassFort was born. In October 2015, PassFort billed its first customer, Lubbock Fine - who is still a customer today.

Now, PassFort is part of the Moody’s family, merging with Moody’s Analytics. And we are building a holistic KYC and compliance workflow solution to help decision-makers act with confidence.

PassFort today

A Moody's Analytics Company

On November 30th 2021, PassFort became a Moody’s Analytics company - and the next chapter in our RegTech story began!

PassFort complements Moody’s technology, data, and analytical capabilities. Coming together as one, we’re creating holistic, efficient KYC solutions that helps clients the world over.

Our industry-leading customer solutions for KYC, anti-money laundering, compliance, and risk management help you assess, screen, and monitor the individuals and companies you do business with. Visit the Moody’s Analytics website for more information on what we can do to help you achieve compliance efficiency with great customer experiences.

PassFort vision

We have a vision to stop financial crime, not good customers.

The 1st wave of RegTech was designed to satisfy regulation by providing access to global KYC data in a physical economy. But it didn’t support compliance teams to work more efficiently and it didn’t improve customer experiences.

The 2nd wave of RegTech - defined by PassFort - is establishing trust across the digital economy. Marrying the best SaaS RegTech solutions, compliance expertise and consumers' ownership of their data to create long-term relationships based on a true understanding of risk.  

PassFort values


Trust is at the heart of what we do. We help our financial services customers establish trust online with their customers. You get complete dependability across our team, delivering the future of RegTech and solutions your team wants to use.


See a problem, fix it. Action is the way we effect change for our customers and across the world of RegTech. We empower people to speak up and do the right thing, even when no-one is watching.


We help customers grow and want growth too. Our desire for candid feedback enables us to become the best versions of ourselves - building a better product and company. We support any opportunity to learn, reflect and improve.

Why PassFort?

Designed for the digital economy
PassFort was born in the cloud and is designed for the digital economy. The product is hardware free, with subscription-based pricing.
  • Affordable, quick to implement, easy to use
  • Effortless global expansion (our low to no code solution supports 211 jurisdictions, multiple product & customer types)
  • Constant feature innovation (2+ per qtr) and continual update releases (multiple times per day)
  • Extreme flexibility (average of 8 config changes per qtr)
  • Choice of deployment options
  • Risk-based approach to compliance automation
  • Real-time, dynamic compliance process orchestration
Building a trust infrastucture
PassFort enables customers to build a single view of compliance data across their customer base.
  • Pre-built connectors to 25+ leading data providers
  • Seamlessly sync with back office systems such as
  • Independent advice on the best datasets to fit a budget or to provide results on a certain customer demographic
  • Extendable data structure to evolve a customer view and team workflows
  • Data can be consolidated from multiple systems to reduce the burden on our customers' customers while maintaining compliance at the speed of the digital world
  • Published APIs and simple webhooks
Adding the human touch to compliance automation
PassFort understands that people can never be replaced in the compliance process. We offer a human-automation hybrid for maximum efficiency.
  • Layer automation to speed up manual processes and tasks that can’t be automated, bringing in a compliance team where they add most value for analysis, judgement and decision-making
  • Perpetual KYC/on-going risk monitoring and remediation of onboarding backlogs
  • Complete audit trail and user permissioning
  • Collaboration on case management, ideal for remote teamwork
  • Average straight through processing rate of 90.4% over the last 12 months
No compromise between robust compliance and great customer experiences
At PassFort, we believe there should be no compromise between operating robust compliance standards and delivering amazing customer experiences. Our customers engage much faster with their customers; who want to interact with products, not KYC processes!  

The weight of compliance activity falls on our risk engine and automation, which means more journeys processed more efficiently. And neither customers nor compliance teams need to carry the burden. There is less waiting, fewer touch points and less friction. 

We have dedicated customer success managers focussed on improving our customers' compliance performance through quarterly business reviews. We share best practice and benchmarking reports for continual improvement. 

Our customers are able to establish better relationships from onboarding, built on trust.


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Certifications and awards

PassFort is part of a RegTech ecosystem. We're excited to be part of the compliance community creating better customer onboarding journeys, managing risk, and fighting financial crime.