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PassFort enables financial services and regulated firms to automate due diligence checks. It empowers your teams to make sound judgments and take decisive action to onboard new customers quickly and compliantly. And, you can manage each customers’ risk status on an ongoing basis.

PassFort is configurable by nature meaning you can react quickly to new regulatory obligations and changes to operational processes with minimal cost, resources and disruption.

Why choose PassFort?

Take a scroll through all the good reasons to talk to PassFort about your customer onboarding journeys.

Accelerate time to revenue

On average, our customers onboard 84% of their clients without the need for manual intervention. Our platform gives the companies we work with a competitive advantage by digitising legacy processes while increasing efficiency across data collection, customer onboarding and full customer lifecycle management.

Reduce costs

Digitising compliance processes vastly reduces the margin for error during an onboarding journey. It also speeds up the end-to-end process, which is managed in a single solution. Our clients can onboard more customers faster, without having to add additional resources and take unnecessary steps. This is great for businesses with big growth plans; scaling fast.

360 degree customer view

PassFort gives clients a 360° view of their customer base across products and jurisdiction making cross and up-sell opportunities clearer. The businesses we work with benefit from having a single source of truth around customer data, giving them greater confidence when making targeted decisions about products or risk.


All interactions, decisions and processes are captured in the Audit Report in PassFort. This means clients have operational oversight real-time. No administrative effort is needed to generate data and firms can create on demand reports for internal teams, senior managers, external auditors and regulators with minimal effort.

Make informed decisions

Capture and share real-time insights on customers using tailored data and reporting specific to your business. See the effectiveness and efficiency of your onboarding and lifecycle management processes in an instant. Use your data to optimise processes, reduce costs, increase revenue and enhance customer experiences.

Manage and mitigate risk

Automate risk scoring taking into account all factors from your KYC/KYB and AML checks, and the good judgement of your team. Build in a re-screening cadence for customers at any point in time or for those flagged as high risk. Plus get in-platform alerts if and when risk status changes on any profile to mitigate risk and maintain compliance.

Enhance customer experience

Increased competition among financial service providers and rising expectations from customers means there is no room for a poor customer experience. PassFort helps you accelerate onboarding, speed up time to decision and improve the efficiency of teams by automating tasks. The net result of this is a faster, frictionless experience for your customers. 

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