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Next Generation Digital KYC Checks

Webinar with GBG

See the latest in digital KYC checks with ID scanning and facial recognition technology from GBG integrated with PassFort.

Find out how IDscan can accelerate your digital customer onboarding journeys in a way customers are happy with.

David Thomas and Simon Vallis of GBG talk you through how this next generation ID verification solution works and how it balances compliance with great customer experience.

Best Practice Podcasts

Digital-first for complex compliance challenges

Head of Compliance Ops at Fidelity International, David Cowland, is a long-term champion of innovation. Fidelity is advanced in its thinking around digital strategies to take the legwork out of compliance, so teams can apply their brains to trickier issues.

In this episode, David talks about how compliance can support client experiences and business development, becoming a function that enables change and growth.

Solving KYC Challenges

TransUnion's Greg Pierson

Greg is the visionary leader behind the use of reputation systems to prevent fraud and abuse of online services. He is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for developing fraud-fighting solutions that make the Internet a safer place to do business.

In this podcast, Greg shared his insight into how banks can solve their trickiest KYC challenges with digital solutions founded on the principle of learning from shared and sharing customer data.

Electronic ID Checks With Velocity

Charles Gaddy, GDC

Financial institutions globally are striving to create great digital experiences for customers at onboarding - validating the identity of new customers, who could be based anywhere and be anyone. 

Charles Gaddy, Co-Founder of GDC (Global Data Consortium), explains how electronic identity checks with GDC work and why its important. He outlines the benefits and control it gives businesses who need to complete digital checks with velocity in the current compliance and competitor landscape. 

Digital Transformation of CLM

Kayyum Abdul, CLM expert

How can Financial Services' compliance teams create better customer experiences; stay compliant with changing regulation; support up-sell to accounts; and manage risks in real-time? 

Kayyum Abdul, formerly of BNP Paribas and change expert, explains all!

Listen to his podcast and understand the power a single customer view can bring to lifecycle management.

Device Fraud Detection

Gavin Barker, TransUnion

With an 11% increase in risky behaviours in Financial Services since lockdown - this episode in our Best Practice Podcast series featured Gavin Barker, Channel Manager at TransUnion (formerly iovation), talking about the role of Device Fraud Detection in preventing and controlling risky behaviours.

Gavin talks you through the context for risk as iovation sees it, how device-based fraud detection works and how it helps control risk, especially when integrated with customer onboarding journeys. He outlines the benefits it brings to financial services without impeding customer experiences.

The Future is Digital Payments

Nick Kerigan, Payments expert

The first episode in our series was a conversation with Nick Kerigan, previously of Barclaycard, EBRD and the FSA.

Nick is a future payments expert. He shares why a digital-first approach to payments is the only approach right now.

He talks about the importance of winning business by creating digital customer experiences and how to foster a culture of innovation when there is no lack of ideas ready to transform a business.

Meet The Experts

PassFort is delighted to have engaged with industry experts for online events. We have discussed topics from AML and fraud to KYC and risk management.

David Cowland
David Cowland

David is a champion of innovation, change and solving wicked problems. He is currently working to transform the future of compliance through RegTech, building a future-fit, technology-enabled organisation.

Greg Pierson
Greg Pierson

Greg is the visionary leader behind the use of reputation systems to prevent fraud and abuse of online services. A serial entrepreneur, Greg he a passion for developing leading fraud-fighting solutions that make the Internet a safer place to do business. 

Charles Gaddy
Charles Gaddy

Charles Gaddy is the co-founder and Chief Product Officer for the Global Data Consortium’s (GDC) Worldview platform. Charles’ focus at GDC is to expand the global coverage of the platform to meet the needs of customers as they expand into new international markets.  

Kayyum Abdul
Kayyum Abdul

Kayyum Abdul has worked in Change Management for more than 15 years with some of the biggest names in Investment Banking and Finance. His expertise is in KYC, CLM and AML. And streamlining manually intensive Onboarding and Compliance processes with the latest fintech.

Gavin Barker
Gavin Barker

Gavin has worked in the ID and Anti Fraud space for 20 years with 5 of them in the digital arena using new tech, including devices, to help educate businesses globally on enhancing their risk strategies. Gavin has experience with varying types of risk mitigation tools that support Financial Services on an international scale.

Nick Kerigan

Nick is a Future Payments Expert and Senior Innovation Leader. As MD for Future Payments in Barclays, London, he led innovation across Cards and Payments businesses, creating next-gen payments experiences and partnerships with FinTechs.

Jan Philippaerts

Jan is VP of Compliance Operations at international collections and payments firm, Currencycloud. He ensures the organisation functions in a legal and ethical manner, developing compliance programs, implementing company policy, and advising on areas of risk.

Freddie Kelly

Freddy is the founder and CEO of Credit Kudos, a challenger credit bureau that uses financial behaviour to measure creditworthiness, harnessing Open Banking. He provides regular input on industry discussion topics such as Financial Inclusion, Open Banking/PSD2 and their impact on consumer lending.

Tom McGilloway
Tom McGilloway

Tom is the Financial Crime Manager at iwoca, overseeing the AML framework for both its UK and German operations. He’s tasked with finding smarter ways to use technology to bolster risk-based defences, while optimising onboarding journeys.

Quinn Dempsey

Quinn Dempsey is a Management Consultant at the firm OpTechs. In recent years he has specialised in leading data and technology driven change with a focus on developing RFPs, assessing and selecting IT vendors in operations and policy teams for investment, challenger and global banks, including HSBC.

Joshua Deeks

Joshua is an experienced Compliance, Financial Crime and Risk Management professional with a passion for enabling fintechs to launch and succeed. Founder of the Edmund Group, a second line of defence consultancy for Fintechs, he is also currently UK Financial Crime Manager for N26 UK.

Donald Gillies

Donald Gillies is PassFort's CEO, co-founding the FinTech firm with Henry Irish in 2015. Donald works with customers to develop our risk and compliance solution to support full customer lifecycle management processes.