Integrated data checks

Bring different data sets together to make onboarding and ongoing risk management easier.

Select providers for KYC, KYB, AML, identity and other compliance checks. Run and re-run due diligence workflows against businesses or individuals anywhere in the world.

Whatever your compliance process, pick the data providers that are right for you and harness their power through PassFort.
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How does it work?

Access reliable, accurate datasets from leading global data providers. PassFort offers pre-built integrations with 25+ trusted partners, so you can access a world of data.

Introduce new data providers or swap out existing ones when you need to. White label PassFort to offer orchestrated data checks as a security layer in your solution.
Whether onboarding individuals or businesses, it’s a simple first step in compliance automation.

Establish a single view of customer data that is consistent and that you can trust. You can add or swap out data providers, use existing contracts or a PAYG option and only spend what you use.

PassFort Lifecycle

PassFort Lifecycle

Data check providers

Moody's Analytics data providers
All providers
Electronic identity providers
PEPs and sanctions providers
Document verification providers
Bank account verification providers
Business data providers
Manual review providers
Adverse media providers
Visa check providers
Charity providers
Fraud check providers
Merchant fraud check providers

Paying for data checks

With PassFort, you have flexibility on how to pay for the data checks you need, so you can make the most of your data budget. There are two options, but email us to arrange a chat if you're unsure what’s best for your business.

Pay suppliers directly

Pay for data checks using the existing contracts you have negotiated with your chosen providers.

Buy through PassFort

Pay for data checks with leading providers through PassFort on a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) basis.

Four pillars of PassFort integrated data checks

Choose your providers

PassFort Lifecycle is engineered to bring together the world of data needed to complete customer due diligence. Integrate providers you have existing relationships with or if you’re not sure where to start, use our pre-built integrations.

Streamline data acquisition

Simplify data acquisition and scale up the number of customers you onboard. Our standardised data structure, error handling and integration frameworks give you one solution for global coverage.

Maximise budget

Make smart decisions about how to invest your data budget. Set up any waterfall of compliance checks, then use our reseller agreements or existing direct agreements to optimise customer acquisition costs.

Single customer view

Sync your customer data seamlessly with any existing CRM or back-office systems using our webhooks. PassFort Lifecycle reduces the complexity in your customer data infrastructure and helps create a single view that’s accurate and trusted.