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Oliver Malmed

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Compliance solutions for customer lifecycle management – Build or Buy?

OK, as PassFort is a SaaS solution used by financial services firms to manage compliance and ...

Posted by: Oliver Malmed

Established challenger banks and establishment of challengers

It’s pretty exciting to see how financial services has opened up, particularly in banking. The ...

Posted by: Oliver Malmed

The day we went remote

The Friday before the official UK lockdown began, PassFort went remote. It happened without ...

Posted by: Oliver Malmed

In Response to Social Distancing: Time to re-think face-to-face KYC

Traditionally, some types of regulated financial institution have carried out customer ...

Posted by: Oliver Malmed

How you can take control of CLM

The concept of integrated customer lifecycle management (CLM) in Financial Services is ...

Posted by: Oliver Malmed