New partnership with GDC to strengthen world-wide Electronic ID Checks

PassFort announces a new partnership with GDC to strengthen electronic identity checks.

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Alexis Fox-Mills
Jul 14, 2020

July 14, 2020

London, July 7, 2020: PassFort is transforming the way Financial Services businesses manage compliance across every customer lifecycle, from onboarding to off-boarding to ongoing risk management.

Today, PassFort announced a new strategic partnership with international digital identification company Global Data Consortium [GDC].

GDC’s Worldview can now be integrated with the PassFort CLM solution through the PassFort Integration Hub.

This gives businesses access to high-quality reference data to verify the identities of customers in 58 countries.

These checks are carried out in real-time, providing reliable, independent source data to protect firms from fraud and facilitate KYC compliance.

How the integration works

Firms that need to verify the identity of customers, integrate the GDC Worldview electronic identity check through PassFort and into their automated KYC workflows.

When an application for a product is made, it is subject to a compliance workflow that includes validation of identity in real-time.

This validation can include consumer identity, consumer contact information, and age verification across from multiple countries.

Benefits of the partnership

Combining GDC’s Worldview in PassFort harnesses the power of two SaaS solutions to deliver efficient fraud prevention and compliance management for multinational organisations.

“We are excited to see how this partnership impacts the space,” said Charles Gaddy, CTO and Co-founder of GDC. “PassFort’s onboarding and compliance management solution integrated with our global identity verification solution will take the power of international eIDV to the next level.”

Global Data Consortium delivers real-time global identity verification for businesses. Its cloud-based Worldview platform connects users to high quality, local reference data via a single access point for clear, compliant identity verification.

“We are delighted to be partnering with GDC to introduce e-identity checks to our multinational clients and those working across different regulatory landscapes.” Said Henry Irish, CTO and Co-Founder of PassFort. “GDC Worldview is a far-reaching and reliable data source. Our customers being able to add GDC to their digital KYC and AML workflows will give reassurance around compliance, risk mitigation and fraud prevention.”

For more information, please get in touch

And coming soon is a new podcast with Charles Gaddy of GDC. You will be able to access the episode on our events page. Charles will explain in more detail how the check works and how businesses globally can benefit from it.


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