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Electronic Identity Checks With Serious Velocity

The need for digital transformation of compliance processes is well known. Even before the ...

Posted by: Alexis Fox-Mills

The Digital-First Approach to CLM

Kayyum Abdul has been in change management for 15+ years helping some of the world's largest ...

Posted by: Alexis Fox-Mills

The story of PassFort and the Payments Provider

THE BUSINESS PROFILE  An international Payments provider wanted to reduce the volume of manual ...

Posted by: Alexis Fox-Mills

Technical writing - break features and see how they work

Technical writers tend to come from one of two backgrounds – either they are good at writing ...

Posted by: Ainsley Whalen

Device fraud detection supports friction-right customer onboarding

On June 10, Tom Andrews, PassFort's Head of RevOps, was in conversation with Gavin Barker, ...

Posted by: Alexis Fox-Mills

Q2 Newsletter - Efficiency All Areas

We couldn't go into a roundup of Q2 2020 without checking in to see how you're doing? The ...

Posted by: Alexis Fox-Mills

Software developers work backwards from the customer

Amazon was my first full-time employer. I arrived fresh from university with one goal in mind ...

Posted by: Andreea Gherman

Reduce false positives in risk management

False positives in risk management processes create bias in your customer data and skew ...

Posted by: Alexis Fox-Mills

Established challenger banks and establishment of challengers

It’s pretty exciting to see how financial services has opened up, particularly in banking. The ...

Posted by: Oliver Malmed