New compliance solution allows regulated firms to take first step towards digital transformation of CLM processes

Today, PassFort announced the introduction of its new compliance solution that allows regulated businesses to take their first (and easiest) step towards digital transformation of their CLM processes.

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Alexis Fox-Mills
Oct 1, 2020

London, 1 October 2020: PassFort, provider of digital Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM) solutions to the financial services industry, today announced the introduction of its new solution, PassFort Connect. The solution enables financial services firms to access a global network of leading data providers through a single API.

For firms on the road to digital transformation of their CLM processes, Connect provides a way to start the journey, offering the first line of defence in compliance. Through the PassFort API, financial services businesses have “plug and play” access to different data sets for KYC, AML or any other customer due diligence activity.

“PassFort Connect really gives firms the first building block on a path to fully digital CLM processes.” said Luke Fairweather, Account Executive at PassFort leading on growth of PassFort Connect. “This is going to benefit start-ups as well as larger institutions beginning their transformation journeys as it’s a relatively quick win. No engineers, developers or technical support is needed - customers don’t need to worry about building integrations or standardising data sets, PassFort does that so customers can focus on building their core products.”

The ecosystem of data providers created can be added to or changed at any time as firms launch into new markets or rollout new products. PassFort Connect also comes with webhooks, so data can be integrated with back office systems and CRM platforms too.

“We are extremely excited about the introduction of PassFort Connect, because there is a world of customers to be onboarded and digital transformation of CLM process is so important right now.” added Luke. “No matter the location of a company, we’re able to provide access to data sets through leading providers. eKYC, ID&V, business registry checks, fraud and other types of checks can be integrated using a single API. That really means less to manage for our customers and helping them to make the most of their data budgets.”

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