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Donald Gillies
May 8, 2018

May 8, 2018

We do this by giving businesses the tools they need to onboard, verify and manage their customer relationships - be they with individuals or corporates.

Nowhere are these tools more necessary than in regulated markets - where compliance with regulations, such as anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC), have for too long been a sinkhole for product, engineering & compliance resource and customer goodwill.

Today’s solutions, namely data sources, workflow engines and self-built back office systems, are incomplete, don’t scale and cost far too much to operationalise & manage.

Think of how many hours you still spend in email, Excel or Powerpoint dealing with exceptions to processes the aforementioned solutions claim to automate.

All of these problems stem from the fact that compliance is an analogue profession in an increasingly digitised world. Compliance professionals, and their product and engineering teams, need better tools to digitise (then optimise) the tasks & processes they must complete in any given customer risk or onboarding scenario.

Our Smart Policy platform provides businesses with the tools needed to digitise their analogue compliance policies. Without any technical knowledge, we enable you to define the Products you sell, Risk levels of customers that can apply for them, Tasks you expect your onboarding teams to complete in various scenarios and Checks you want to automate using third party Providers (neatly available to you via our Integration Hub).

Given we’re an API first company our engineers build our products using the same API’s, webhooks & tools we give you access to. So whether your team wants to use our ready made Investigations Portal or perform a deeper integration with your existing back office, the choice is yours.

By structuring compliance processes this way we can build tools that assist specifically with Tasks that today can’t be automated. Our software becomes an extension of the human compliance analyst; structuring their work, empowering them & learning from them in order to drive up the degree of automation that may be achievable. Automation may be the future but human beings are still the present. We think they deserve better software.

PassFort is doing for the compliance profession what Salesforce did for sales, Stripe did for finance and AWS did for Dev. Ops - doing the boring and difficult stuff well, so you can focus on your customers.

Get creative with the time we’re giving you back! Help us shape a better digital world.

Want to Join Us in Building a Better Way?

Over the past three years we have built a phenomenal team (picture below from one of our axe-wielding team nights out), customer base, data provider network and investor base.

We all share a set of values that mirror directly the change we are trying to drive in the world: Trust, Empowerment & Growth.

Sound like a company you want to work for? We’re always looking for more brainpower… there’s plenty of opportunities for us to solve more customer problems! Take a look at our careers page for open roles.

Compliance Professional, Product Manager or Engineer at a Regulated Business?

Maybe you’re not looking for a job but believe that your organisation could benefit from improved compliance operations? To learn more about us and the platform click here. We are rapidly expanding the number of customers participating in our monthly customer feedback programme. Tell our team of industry leading product managers, designers & engineers how they can make your life easier - week in week out we’re solving your problems by releasing new features.


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