Sales in the Time of Corona

A PassFort story - our company proposition told in the words of Luke Fairweather.

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Luke Fairweather
Mar 26, 2020

March 26, 2020

I’ve just come back from a holiday to the Scottish Highlands (see picture above) and I’m re-engaging my brain. I’m human - I’m worried about friends, family and the world at large - seems to me a blog about just what I do and why I do it is a good way to get back into the swing of things.

I think it’s grounding to re-engage with the basics of good sales practice in a time of widespread uncertainty. Many of my “people” (sales professionals) could well be in a spin about how to re-baseline right now.

Working remotely is the order of the day, and our communication is usually so reliant on verbal and physical cues. The facial movements, tics, eye-widenings, even an old fashioned handshake are not doable and we need to adapt quickly…

But, then I remind myself - I spend a good portion of my life speaking to people "virtually" - clarifying our value proposition, understanding peoples’ pains, and seeking to find solutions…

Sales, now more than ever, needs to be transparent, collaborative and structured in such a way as to ensure good practice and value for all concerned.

Sales 101

Our customers (by that I mean PassFort's) rely on us to help them manage their compliance processes in a way that’s scalable, fit-for-purpose and tightly configured, recognising there are always outliers! We run our sales process just the same…

So where do I start? At the beginning. Here we are, the scenario is, for the purposes of this blog - let’s say our call is pre-arranged, you’re aware who I am, who I work for and what we do.

Here comes the give:

PassFort was born when our two co-founders Donald Gillies and Henry Irish met on an entrepreneurial cohort about 5 years ago.

The original idea was that everybody should be able to own their own digital identity via the blockchain - redefining trust in regulatory compliance…

What they quickly discovered was that data bureaus (and, let’s be fair, banks) weren’t too keen on the idea of two 20-something upstarts coming in and undermining the last 30 years of building a business model. So Henry and Donald pivoted and PassFort in its current embodiment as a Customer Lifecycle Management solution began.

There are around 9,000 technologies geared towards getting customers to the front door, making life easier for front office staff and making it easier for customers to buy. But what about getting them through the front door?

Middle and back office teams have been using everything from bastardised CRMs, to Slack, to eMail, to breathing awkwardly over colleague’s shoulders and asking ‘have you looked at this for me yet?’ to get customers onboarded.

Enter PassFort - our platform breaks down into 3 parts:

  • The Integration Hub
  • The Portal
  • The Smart Policy Builder

Automated KYC and AML checks are turned off and on through one of our 30+ data partners.

RESTful APIs maintained by PassFort do the heavy lifting of running standard checks because teams should be spending their time doing the stuff that technology can’t.

Where data doesn’t exist or policy dictates something needs human action, those teams are logging in to the PassFort Portal to manage their caseload, refer tasks, escalations and ensure complete visibility of every decision made.

All this is driven through the Smart Policy Builder; the configurable and adaptable risk-based workflow engine that our customers use to define their agreed processes and ensure everybody is working responsibly, measurably and efficiently from onboarding through ongoing due diligence refreshes and further.

And the take:

So, Ms. Customer, does this sound like the sort of end-to-end client lifecycle management solution you’re looking for?



To that end, I need to get to grips with the challenges you face… Not just ‘onboarding takes us too long at the minute’ but why do you need to speed up the process?

Has ExCo set targets around greater volumes to drive growth? Is customer experience being affected and reducing conversion rates? Are your teams siloed and struggling with visibility of what’s going on where?

Operationally speaking, are your teams at capacity?

Let’s talk tech.

What are you leveraging at the moment? What CRM is your sales team using? How many data providers are you working with? How’s the coverage? And in what jurisdictions? Have you built integrations? How’s the tech debt on that?


What do yours look like? How many different customer journeys do you have? Are different teams running different types? How do you maintain uniformity? How do you report on what’s working? Do you have branches? Are you geared for digital-first?

The meeting - virtual or otherwise

Look, I think we can agree there’s potential here. Why don’t we get something formalised in the calendar? Let’s whiteboard your process flows and show you how we could visualise them in PassFort.

Do we need an NDA?

I appreciate your candour and look forward to progressing on this project together.

Cheers, all the best, thanks… Bye.

The close

And that’s it. I feel better already having written that out and reminded myself that essentially although everything has changed right now, nothing has changed.

Sales is still the same in a time of Corona, because we’re still just people reaching out and talking to other people about what we do and what we can do for them.

All the best,



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