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Use forms to collect additional customer data for KYC

Your business is unique and so are your customers. Cookie cutter solutions for completing KYC ...

Posted by: Alexis Fox-Mills

Professionalism, discipline, talent and passion make premier league KYC

Last night, I got to watch my side, Liverpool FC, lift the Premier League trophy. I was born ...

Posted by: Luke Fairweather

The Digital-First Approach to CLM

Kayyum Abdul has been in change management for 15+ years helping some of the world's largest ...

Posted by: Alexis Fox-Mills

The story of PassFort and the Payments Provider

THE BUSINESS PROFILE  An international Payments provider wanted to reduce the volume of manual ...

Posted by: Alexis Fox-Mills

Established challenger banks and establishment of challengers

It’s pretty exciting to see how financial services has opened up, particularly in banking. The ...

Posted by: Oliver Malmed

5 ways to tackle fraud during this financial crisis

There are new types of fraud and different money laundering schemes arising from the current ...

Posted by: Alexis Fox-Mills

The day we went remote

The Friday before the official UK lockdown began, PassFort went remote. It happened without ...

Posted by: Oliver Malmed

Sales in the Time of Corona

I’ve just come back from a holiday to the Scottish Highlands (see picture above) and I’m ...

Posted by: Luke Fairweather

How you can take control of CLM

The concept of integrated customer lifecycle management (CLM) in Financial Services is ...

Posted by: Oliver Malmed