From onboarding to ongoing risk management

PassFort is a SaaS solution that adds the human touch to compliance automation.

Regulated firms use PassFort to digitally transform KYC and AML workflows, bringing people into the process where they add most value. Automate everything from onboarding to off-boarding to ongoing risk monitoring, and free compliance teams to make the difference with risk-based decisions.

Get insight on how your KYC policy is performing with PassFort lifecycle
You have a whole world to onboard. Let's do that in one place with PassFort connect. Get KYC data from a global list of providers we have partnered with.


Connect your data providers in one place.

You have a world of customers to onboard, let’s do that in one place. Use PassFort to access market-leading identity verification, credit, business registry and fraud data around the world through a single API.

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PassFort smart policy builder automates KYC workflows

Smart Policy

Automate compliance processes using Smart Policy.

Onboard more customers quickly and efficiently while complying with any form of regulation. Smart Policy can automate any compliance process, modelled for your business and its customers.

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Manage your KYC customers with ease using PassFort Lifecycle

Case Management

Work together on your compliance processes.

For any application, any day, anywhere, Case Management is where compliance teams work together to solve KYC challenges and onboard new customers.

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Resfresh is a feature within PassFort lifecycle to help those working on KYC applications


Ensure ongoing compliance.

Regulations and customer relationships change. That's why our Refresh software is always there to help you monitor, review and remediate your customer portfolio.

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Get a world of insight from your PassFort CLM softtware


Get Insight to turn your compliance data into improvement actions. Optimise your processes, make customers happier and report to regulators.

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Key Features

Case Management

PassFort has a complete case management system for handling your customer profiles.

With automated compliance processes, Straight Through Processing is maximised, so teams then handle exceptions, request additional documents and prompt escalations.

You can also organise priorities with filtered views of any workload and track all customer cases to completion. A simple Red, Amber, Green system provides immediate status updates.

Everyone is focussed on your customers and knows what they're responsible for doing.


Compliance doesn't stop at onboarding. Ongoing risk monitoring is handled in PassFort too.

The monitoring tool allows you to continue KYC and AML due diligence after onboarding has happened. Changes in status are flagged in the Portal and this can be automated through integration with a data provider or by using PassFort’s "refresh & remediation" tool.

Customise re-screening periods from 1 day to any number of years.

Risk Engine

The platform is built around a central risk engine, so you can make risk-based decisions according to your policies and appetite.

Digitise risk scoring taking into account factors from automated KYC and AML tasks, and feedback from your team.

Decisions can be made based on your set parameters as well as good judgement and compliance experience.

Risk scoring triggers custom workflows, while RAG (red, amber, green) indicators show risk status - making it obvious how and what decisions are being made, leaving you in control.

Business Onboarding

Onboarding businesses can be complicated. But, we're making it as simple as possible in the platform with PassFort’s business onboarding automation which collects data for a full corporate structure, creating an organisation chart for case owners.

KYB checks with different data providers are integrated with PassFort through a single API to make what is complex easier to manage.

Manual Forms

The platform helps you drive Straight Through Processing (STP), but not all tasks or checks can be automated and not all checks should be automated.

If and when manual intervention is needed on medium or high-risk cases, PassFort structures processes using customised forms, which streamline administrative tasks and improve auditability.

Escalate & Assign

PassFort is a collaborative environment. Cases can be reassigned or escalated as needed and without delay.

An audit trail of all changes in case ownership is automatically generated. There is never ambiguity when it comes to checks and audit.

Use the PassFort Conversations tool to collaborate on a particular case or progress it with colleagues to a speedy conclusion.

Audit Report

Don’t worry about keeping track of tasks, the platform keeps track for you.

Completed, escalated, or not started - everything is captured in the Audit Report. Get full operational oversight of all your compliance activities on-demand.

No administrative effort or reconciliation needed. Instantly create reports for managers, auditors or regulators.


Generate reports and analyse key business metrics in PassFort to create insight around your compiance processes. For example, you can see approval rates, time to decision, risk distribution and more.

Create the insights you need to optimise KYC, KYB and AML processes, manage risk, and drive better customer experiences. The reports you create mean you can see any bottlenecks in your workflows, right down to the task and check level. Apply filters and group data using custom fields, and iterate your compliance journeys with meaningful insight.

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