Customer Advocacy

Dedicated to getting the most from your PassFort solution

When you become a PassFort client, you are assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager. They are there to help you get the most from the platform and to give support whenever you need it.


The PassFort platform was built to be intuitive. But, to get you started, the team provides two training sessions. They will be happy to offer ongoing support too of course.


We don't expect anything to go wrong, but it might. So, if you experience an issue, your Customer Success Manager will be right on hand to help. Call or email them, and they promise to keep in touch with you until you are happy that any problem has been resolved.

Help articles

You can access comprehensive help articles online that cover everything from understanding reports to troubleshooting. Articles are added and updated all the time. If you need to know anything about the PassFort platform, the integrations and how it all works, this is a great place to start!

Case Study

A risk management love story

Hear from Paid Founder, Tom Howsam, on how the innovative invoice payments company is supported by PassFort to complete compliant onboarding of customers.

Working with Paid from the beginning on its risk management journey, PassFort has been part of the company's growth story.

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Case Study

Innovators in gold trading use PassFort

Goldex is the world's first online gold trading platform. And Goldex uses PassFort for fast, efficient, compliance and risk management as it opens in new markets onboarding of new customers.

Hear from Founders Fernando Ripolles and Sylvia Carrasco.

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Case Study

PassFort and the crypto giant BitPay

BitPay is a pioneer in global blockchain payments. Find out how PassFort delivers their onboarding for hundreds of thousands of cryptocurrency users.

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Case Study

Goldex together with PassFort

The world's first and most innovative gold trading platform have a PassFort solution for their risk and compliance processes.

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Case Study

GBG & PassFort on the case of seamless onboarding

How do you save money when you need to complete a huge volume of compliance checks? Review your process and look for efficiencies.

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Case Study

Paid together with PassFort

Paid ensures freelancers and small businesses don't have to worry about invoices. We make onboarding a 'non-event' for Paid's clients.

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Case Study

PassFort and the case of the challenger bank

A B2B UK bank with ambitious growth plans realises economies of scale with a compliance solution from PassFort.

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Case Study

The case of PassFort and the payments provider

Growing at pace while controlling the headcount and cost of compliance is another puzzle solved by PassFort

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Hear from our CEO

Quarterly Business Reviews

We work with you to review the performance of your CLM processes on a quarterly basis. It's important to driving ongoing improvement and adding value.

Each quarter, your Customer Success Manager will invite you to a business review. This is a chance to look at defined performance metrics and usage, and to see what else we can achieve together.

This is also the opportunity to discuss how we can further optimise or iterate onboarding experiences and risk management.

The Customer Success Team


"As Head of Customer Success I'm responsible for maximising the value clients get from PassFort. I lead the support, technical writing, solutions and customer success management teams.”


"As a Customer Success Manager, I work closely with our customers to get them up and running. Ongoing, I ensure they are successful in using our platform."


"As Implementation & Support Specialist I take care of onboarding new customers onto our platform and configuring their accounts to ensure they have the best experience."


"I support customers through self-serve content – anything that helps people use PassFort, from quick and simple getting started material to clear steps that someone can take to resolve an issue.”


"As a Customer Success Manager I work closely with our customers throughout their journey with PassFort - beginning with ensuring they're comfortable with the platform to achieving all their compliance goals in the long-term."

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