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Introducing PassFort

One-minute explainer

This short video shows you how PassFort is revolutionise customer lifecycle management.

Digitise KYC, KYB, AML and other compliance processes with a single SaaS solution.

Data providers come together in one place. Compliance policies are automated into smart workflows. And KYC and Risk teams collaborate on case management in the Portal. 

Full Case Management

PassFort delivers full case management for efficient CLM processes. 

From the perspective of a KYC or Onboarding Analyst, see how easy document collection is using PassFort. Communicate with customers directly from the Portal and create great experiences.

Customer Advocacy

A risk management love story

Hear from Paid Founder, Tom Howsam, on how the innovative invoice payments company is supported by PassFort to complete compliant onboarding of customers.

Working with Paid from the beginning on its risk management journey, PassFort has been part of the company's growth story.

Innovators in gold trading use PassFort

Goldex is the world's first online gold trading platform. And Goldex uses PassFort for fast, efficient, compliance and risk management as it opens in new markets onboarding of new customers.

Hear from Founders Fernando Ripolles and Sylvia Carrasco.

Case Studies


PassFort and the crypto giant BitPay

BitPay is a pioneer in global blockchain payments. Find out how PassFort delivers their onboarding for hundreds of thousands of cryptocurrency users.

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Goldex together with PassFort

The world's first and most innovative gold trading platform have a PassFort solution for their risk and compliance processes.

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GBG & PassFort on the case of seamless onboarding

How do you save money when you need to complete a huge volume of compliance checks? Review your process and look for efficiencies.

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Paid together with PassFort

Paid ensures freelancers and small businesses don't have to worry about invoices. We make onboarding a 'non-event' for Paid's clients.

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PassFort and the case of the challenger bank

A B2B UK bank with ambitious growth plans realises economies of scale with a compliance solution from PassFort.

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The case of PassFort and the payments provider

Growing at pace while controlling the headcount and cost of compliance is another puzzle solved by PassFort

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Solution and Service

Onboarding efficiency all areas

Move away from the traditional ways of managing complex compliance processes. PassFort's CTO and Co-Founder, Henry Irish, explains how you can get an automated and fully risk-based approach. One that's measurable and tweak-able, so you can evolve compliance processes when you want.

The Human/Tech Hybrid

Increasing Straight Through Processing (STP) is great for customer onboarding. But balancing STP with fast and effective human decision-making is best practice and a great way to manage risk. Make your teams and your clients happy!

Digital transformation of CLM

Digital transformation should mean your compliance processes are more efficient now and in the future.

PassFort's CEO, Donald, talks about our approach to delivering CLM and customer success with flexibility built-in.

Growing Integrations

Our Product Manager, Mauricio Alves, talks about the growing number of data providers you can integrate through PassFort. 

Our strategy is to ensure you can complete any compliance and data check, any where in the world. Integrating providers to create a powerful risk management eco-system.

Benefits of the PassFort solution

PassFort Product Manager, Yahia Abaza, tells you about 3 things PassFort can do to improve onboarding journeys right off.

1) Get a high-level view of KYC workflows;
2) Clear decision points in processes;
3) And data to see where improvements lie.

Speed Reads

Grab a solution sheet and get in touch

Introducing PassFort
Introducing You To PassFort

PassFort is a single, online solution with 3 components that can transform the way you manage risk and compliance across every customer lifecycle.

Reduce Manual Intervention At Onboarding

PassFort is a single SaaS solution that digitises compliance processes enabling you to reduce manual intervention at onboarding and act quickly when manual work is needed.

Data Provider Integrations
Create A Risk & Compliance Eco-System

Integrate PassFort with the data providers you choose and the CRM system you love to create a powerful eco-system for your customer data.

Customer Success
Dedicated To Customer Success

When you become a PassFort client, you get a dedicated customer success manager to support you in getting the most from your solution.

Efficiency In Onboarding
Efficiency In Customer Lifecycle Management

Automation can ensure that when your business is scaling up, you don't need to scale up costs. Customer Lifecycle processes are more efficient with PassFort.

Digital Transformation
Transform Customer Lifecycle Management

Digitise risk and compliance checks for different products and jurisdictions swiftly and seamlessly. Achieve a faster time to decision, reduce drop-offs and scale for future growth.

Longer Reads...


PassFort Brochure

This brochure gives you an overview of PassFort, how the solution works, the value it adds to businesses and who is using it. Get a copy and then back in touch if you have any questions - we'd love to hear from you.

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DigitalFirst for Complex Compliance

Digital-first to simplify complex compliance

David Cowland, Head of Compliance Ops at Fidelity International, has worked on some of the wickedest compliance problems. Learn from his philosophy and experience to make compliance teams forward-thinking, proactive and integrated with business decisions.

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A data eco-system to solve KYC challenges

Being part of a data eco-system for Know Your Customer processes means financial services firms don't need to fend for themselves in the fight against financial crime. Find out what this does for firms and genuine customers.

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Electronic ID Checks at Velocity

Prepare for a world of electronic ID checks with velocity

Compliance standards and regulations vary across the world. Verifying a new customer's ID in the US or the UK is very different in France and Australia. How do you meet these standards with velocity, coverage and accuracy?

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Friction-Right Customer Onboarding

As more people take to devices to go online and make purchases, the companies providing services have to detect potential fraud related to those devices. So, how does device fraud detection play a part in creating friction-right onboarding experiences?

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Pursuing purpose and permanence post crisis

Volatility can spark rapid and permanent change in Financial Services. Find out how to foster it with purpose. If someone comes up with an idea and says: I think this is going to be big. Do you want a culture that says - that's a terrible idea?

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Future is Digital Payments Pt1

How digital experiences can create real customer loyalty

Customer expectations in payments have changed. Now Financial Services needs to meet these expectations. Find out how firms can use great digital experiences to create convenience and customer loyalty.

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Avoid pitfalls in CLM

Avoid 5 pitfalls in CLM journeys

PassFort is transforming customer lifecycle management for financial services firms. Learning from the industry, find out more about 5 common pitfalls in CLM journeys and how to avoid them.

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AML - Navigating uncharted waters

Get this report to find out about the new types of fraud arising from the financial crisis caused by COVID-19. Understand what strategies will help you identify threats and manage risk.

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KYC - How to know your customers

Get insight from OpTechs Management Consultant, Quinn Dempsey, on the challenges of KYC in the current climate. With the impacts of the financial crisis reaching far and wide, read about how to tackle data requirements and really know your customers.

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Risk management in a time of crisis

Tom McGilloway, iwoca, and Jan Philippaerts, Currencycloud, share their experiences of changing behaviours affecting risk benchmarks; who is now applying for credit and how to assess them; as well as managing their teams' approach to risk-based escalation.

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PassFort Quarterly Newsletter

Q3 - A CLM Ecosystem

Being part of a CLM ecosystem enables you to access accurate data, automate compliance processes and create great customer experiences in risk management.

Q2 - Efficiency All Areas

Balancing automation of compliance processes with swift manual intervention creates efficiency across all customer lifecycles.

Q1 - Digital Transformation

Flexible, scaleable and efficient customer lifecycle management processes, and the latest from Product Development.


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