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PassFort has a great network of partners, customers and experts in the fields of risk, compliance and financial crime whom we engage with regularly to contribute to the conversation. Check out the titles and download your copies today.


Prevent digital fraud in real time

Device Risk provides powerful device recognition technology and a unique device intelligence approach to disrupt fraudsters and fraud rings, without sacrificing the customer experience.

This is a speed read explaining how you can:

+Stop fraud not genuine customers

+Build trusted connections around data

+Focus more precisely on areas of risk

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Leaking of the FinCEN Files

In late September, news broke of a huge document leak which included more than 2,000 suspicious activity reports (SARs) filed to the financial crimes enforcement network or FinCEN.

The leak was unique - for the first time documents considered confidential by law h included in created with FinCrime expert Josh Deeks of The Edmund Group tells you what was contained in the leakhe ICIJ's findings and shares why this is so significant to the financial services industry.

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Next gen KYC with facial recognition

Facial recognition is taking off in a big way. People are now automatically opening their smartphone using their face as ID.

GBG has taken this facial recognition technology to develop the next gen of KYC checks - it's called GBG IDscan. Find out how it works and what the future looks like integrated with PassFort.

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Digital-first for complex compliance

Head of Compliance Ops at Fidelity International, David Cowland, passionately believes that compliance teams should be more commercial and proactive.

This includes how professionals can embrace a digital first approach to solve their most complex compliance challenges, including the constant change in regulation itself.

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A data eco-system to solve compliance challenges

TransUnion's Greg Pierson spoke with our Head of RevOps, about the best ways banks can solve their KYC challenges.

Using a network of data that's shared across the financial services eco-system is what he recommends, along with measuring success and failure around customer account login and creation.

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Global ID checks for KYC with serious velocity

Different regions have different regulations. Different regulations call for different approaches to ID validation.

Charles Gaddy, the co-founder of GDC (Global Data Consortium), argues the best way to handle the requirements at pace is to validate identities digitally with a worldwide wealth of data sets brought together by experts.

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Friction-right customer onboarding

Gavin Barker, TransUnion formerly iovation, shares detail on the recent spikes in financial crime fraud and risky customer behaviour.

Find out about a quick and simple way that device fraud detection can combat this with friction-right customer lifecycle processes like onboarding.

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The future of digital payments - part one

Customer expectations around payments have changed and opportunities have arisen as digital services take hold.

Now financial services needs to keep up. Nick Kerigan, payments expert, shares how firms can use great digital experiences to create customer loyalty.

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The future of digital payments - part two

How do you pursue purpose and permanence when the future is so uncertain and things change continually?

Nick Kerigan, payments expert, shares how to transform digitally to engage internal audiences and external customers. This includes practical advice on being open to change and ensuring it takes hold.

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Next generation KYC

We work with you to find solutions to your compliances challenges. This includes keeping uptodate on all the latest developments in KYC technology.

Here, our CEO, Donald Gillies, talks with GBG about their development of facial recognition technology to validate and verify an individuals ID.

You will see how the solution works to create a "happy path" to your customer onboarding, and why fraudsters will end up on the "unhappy path". Enjoy!

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