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Find out more about KYC and CLM in our PassFort video

Introducing PassFort

One-minute explainer

This short video shows you how PassFort is revolutionise customer lifecycle management.

Digitise KYC, KYB, AML and other compliance processes with a single SaaS solution.

Data providers come together in one place. Compliance policies are automated into smart workflows. And KYC and Risk teams collaborate on case management in the Portal.

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Improve your KYC with PassFort

Introducing PassFort

Full Case Management

PassFort delivers full case management for efficient CLM processes.

From the perspective of a KYC or Onboarding Analyst, see how easy document collection is using PassFort. Communicate with customers directly from the Portal and create great experiences.

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Solutions & Service

Stop financial crime, not customers

Here's our CEO, Donald Gillies, explaining why there's no need to compromise when it comes to compliance and delivering great customer experiences. PassFort believes you should be able to stop financial crime, without stopping good customers accessing your products.

PassFort customer success 2021

Solutions & Service

Dedicated to supporting you

We want you to get the most from your PassFort solution. So, you will get a dedicated customer success manager, focussed on optimising your KYC and AML processes. Hear what some of our lovely customers have to say about their experience of using PassFort.

Solutions & Service

Keep Onboarding. Keep Delivering

Heading indoors again for lockdown 2.0, but you've got this. There are still opportunities for growth and still customers to be onboarded. Let Luke tell you how our values of trust, empowerment and growth can keep you moving forward.

Celebrating customers & colleagues

5 years of PassFort

PassFort has now been working with customers supporting their digital compliance journeys for 5 years. It's official, we are 5 and boy how we've grown. Here's our CEO and the co-founder of PassFort, Donald Gillies, on where we've come from and what makes him proud.

Solutions & Service

Introducing PassFort Connect

Here's Luke introducing PassFort Connect - our first line of defence compliance solution. Regulated businesses can bring together their world of data providers with a single PassFort API and complete fast, efficient KYC due diligence.

Solutions & Service

Onboarding efficiency all areas

Move away from the traditional ways of managing complex compliance processes. PassFort's CTO and Co-Founder, Henry Irish, explains how you can get an automated and fully risk-based approach. One that's measurable and tweak-able, so you can evolve compliance processes when you want.

Solutions & Service

The Human/Tech Hybrid

Increasing Straight Through Processing (STP) is great for customer onboarding. But balancing STP with fast and effective human decision-making is best practice and a great way to manage risk. Make your teams and your clients happy!

Solutions & Service

Digital transformation of CLM

Digital transformation should mean your compliance processes are more efficient now and in the future.

PassFort's CEO, Donald, talks about our approach to delivering CLM and customer success with flexibility built-in.

Solutions & Service

Growing Integrations

Our Product Manager, Mauricio Alves, talks about the growing number of data providers you can integrate through PassFort.

Our strategy is to ensure you can complete any compliance and data check, any where in the world. Integrating providers to create a powerful risk management eco-system.

Yahia giving a talk about the PassFort CLM and KYC platform

Solutions & Service

Benefits of the PassFort solution

PassFort Product Manager, Yahia Abaza, tells you about 3 things PassFort can do to improve onboarding journeys right off.

1) Get a high-level view of KYC workflows;
2) Clear decision points in processes;
3) And data to see where improvements lie.

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