The smart CLM solution

Digital customer onboarding journeys and ongoing risk management is the smart way forward. You drive faster time to revenue, higher conversion rates, fewer drop-offs, automatic risk monitoring and great customer experiences.

PassFort is super flexible, so you get a risk and compliance solution that works for you, your business and your customers.  Automating compliance processes to optimise them and make manual intervention simple.


Enough already - no more complicated, over-engineered IT systems that are difficult and expensive to change!

Your PassFort solution is configurable by nature.

Compliance workflows are built around a central risk engine, not a start and end point, so they can be edited using simple "drag and drop" tools. We encourage you to look for efficiencies and improvements in your processes, so we're always happy to work with you on updates any time.

Your version of the solution can be tailored around products, target audiences, the jurisdictions you operate in and the regulations you have to meet.

And, PassFort can be integrated with the data providers you use and the CRM system you love.

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Eek - having trouble communicating with customers to ask for documents or across teams to close a case quickly? Not any more you don't!

Create a single source of truth for your customer data and access that across back office functions. Your team has one solution for full case management of your CLM processes. Handle applications day to day; monitor ongoing risk; communicate with customers when you need more information; and escalate issues immediately.

With the right permissions, everyone has access to the same information and knows what they are responisble for.

Case Management


Change in regulation? New product launch? Paper processes here. Spreadsheets there. A system. A data provider. Ouch!

But, digital transformation of your compliance processes can be painless. Turn all your risk and compliance policies into automated workflows that you operate from one place.

Get competitive advantage by adapting to a digital solution. Then, when there are new regulations, you're on it. When you want to launch a product, compliance is primed. And if you spot an opportunity for efficiency, you take it.

If you're not ready to update everything to digital in one go, that's fine. Embark on the change gradually, starting by bringing together your data providers in one place and integrating existing systems.

Then move towards full CLM - consolidating your data providers, policies, case management, ongoing monitoring and reporting into one place, making things more straightforward.

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Customer Experience

You only get one chance to make a first impression, so dazzle your customers with the best onboarding journey.

It should be easy for new customers to choose your product and start using it. Automating processes to make the most of straight through processing (STP) means faster time to revenue and better customer experiences. And when manual action is needed that's flagged so teams can keep things moving.

This doesn't mean compromising on compliance though. The right amount of friction in an onboarding process creates trust with genuine customers while their application progresses, and it stops fraudsters in their tracks.

Case Study

Key Outcomes

Faster Time to Revenue

On average, our customers onboard 84% of their customers without the need for manual intervention.

Our platform gives you a competitive advantage by digitising legacy processes while increasing efficiency in data collection, onboarding journeys and ongoing risk monitoring.

Reduce Costs

Digitising your compliance processes reduces the margin for error during an onboarding journey.

Digital means faster end-to-end processes managed in a single solution. You can onboard more of your customers faster, without adding additional compliance resources and engaging expensive consultants. Great for businesses with big growth plans!

360 Degree Customer View

PassFort gives you a 360° view of your customer data across products making cross and up-sell opportunities clearer.

Compliance becomes commercial when you benefit from a single source of truth around customer data. It means you can make decisions faster about risk and help target decisions about products.

Swift Insight

All interactions, decisions and actions are captured in the Audit Report in PassFort, so you have insight all the time.

No administrative effort is needed to generate insight and you can create reports on-demand for internal teams, senior managers, external auditors and regulators - no sweat.

Informed Decisions

First things first - make risk-based decisions on who you onboard and who you don't.

Take actions based on insights from your customer data. The effectiveness and efficiency of your CLM processes can be tweaked and optimised based on your performance and your data.

Manage and Mitigate Risk

Automate risk scoring taking into account all factors from your KYC, KYB and AML checks, and the good judgement of your team.

Build in a re-screening cadence for customers at any point in time or for those flagged as high risk. And, get in-platform alerts if and when the risk status changes on a customer so you mitigate risk and maintain compliance.

Enhance Customer Experience

Increased competition in financial services and rising expectations from customers means there's no room for a bad experience.

PassFort helps you accelerate onboarding, speed up time to decision and improve the efficiency of your teams by automating tasks. The net result is a faster, friction-right experience for your customers, while keeping bad actors at bay.

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